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Woodworking solutions: Full Ranges of more than 550 models for different woodworking production lines. As a woodworking machinery manufacturer rich in experience, we has been offering customers woodworking equipment, finger joint machine, high frequency machine, woodworking saws, wood planer machine, wood cnc machine, wood sanding machine, wood boring machine for sale, all of our woodworking machinery have been exported to many countries,has won its popularity from customers from both inside and outside, since inauguration, we have been accentuating the incessant rise of customers' satisfaction, placed in the 1st place, special team responsible for business development, arrange customer information,contact customer in time,and respond customers nquiries. Tracking the progress of production orders,and check whether the products meet the customer in a timely manner to Requirements then delivery products on time.Making the required files for customer clearance. Also provide customers with value service.

4×3 Axis CNC Woodworking 

Automatic Wood Band Saw Machine

Wood Cutting Vertical Band Saw Machine

Timber Cutting Horizontal Band Saw

HF Wooden Board Jointing Machine 

Woodworking Saw Cutting Machine

Vacuum Wood Drying Machine

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GEWINN United was founded in Lunjiao shunde Guangdong province in 2009, it is engaged in the exporting business in the filed of woodworking machinery.  We can offer you a range of after-sale sevices to meet your requirments .If your purchase orders are large enough, we can also provide an appropriate procurement to save your costs and achieve the objective of rational collocation of resources.
Up to 190 countries allowed engineer overseas after-sales service.
Support 30 days full refunded return if non-repairable quality problems.
One and only Chinese supplier who can offer visual on line QC program.


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