4×3 Axis woodworking CNC
Full Automatic Finger Jointing Line(Motor-Driven)
Double-ended CNC Tenoning Machine
CNC Tenoning Machine
CNC Grooving Machine
HF Vertically Lifting Jointing Machine For Wooden Board
Semi-automatic Finger joint line
HF universal wooden frame assembling machine
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A full range of woodworking solutions from China

GEWINN United was founded in Lunjiao shunde Guangdong province in 2009,it is engaged in the exporting business in the filed of woodworking machinery. 
We can offer you a comprehensive, multi-channel purchase platform which gathers many high quality suppliers.In addition we will offer you a range of after-sale sevices to meet your requirments .If your purchase orders are large enough,we can also provide an appropriate procurement to save your costs and achieve the objective of rational collocation of resources.
Generally speaking,Gewinn United is a professional one stop souring center...

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As one of recommendable woodworking machinery suppliers in China, we have professional team rich in experience and high-tech production equipment.

Hunting for latest woodworking equipment? Gewinn brings you the trendiest industrial dynamics, check now.


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