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Chaos in woodworking machinery industry


Too many suppliers in the same machines, appearance and models are very similar, most of the buyers are so confused in the sourcing.


Under cruel competition in the industry, in order to snatch the market, factories have nearly no profits by selling the machines,some even cut the cost and adapt cheaper devices which cause lower quality of machines.


Service is very important part of machinery industry,but due to a false attitude towards “cheap” place for sourcing in China, most factories do not put any cost of service in their quotation,which means they can not really offer service to their buyers, because they do not have any profit to do the after sale service.”Service” is just an empty title.


Too many models are required for different production lines, too difficult to choose what is really suitable for their production.


Many machines suppliers but seldom solutions suppliers in this industry.

Scheme design

1 of the 1 design services allow you to save money, save time, worry

Production customization

Over 25 years of experienced engineer will give you one to one customized design service.
Gewinn United is your one stop sourcing center, we will offer you customized solution.

Sliding table saw

Edge banding machine

CNC boring machine

Computer panel saw

Edge banding machine

Multi spinlde 3 rows boring machine


To provide you with all the links that will be shipped from the factory to the designated location. Including local customs clearance, shipping, trailer arrangement (which can be the entire cabinet, bulk cargo or cargo), port of destination customs clearance and delivery etc.
Professional team, intensive operation, efficient and fast, saving more for you.

After-sale service

We believe that quality, system, comprehensive, fast service is the basis for the development of the cause. Adhere to the "user first" principle, to build a good sales service system
To provide customers with high quality pre-sale, sale and after-sales service.


Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.

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