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Full Ranges of more than 550 models for different woodworking production lines.

Government recommended premium woodworking solutions exporting enterprise, board member of China Lunjiao woodworking machinery C of C.

Up to 190 countries allowed engineer overseas after-sales service.

Support 30 days full refunded return if non-repairable quality problems.

One and only Chinese supplier who can offer visual on line QC program.


Gewinn United was founded in Lunjiao shunde Guangdong province in 2013,it is engaged in the exporting business in the filed of woodworking machinery. We can offer you a comprehensive, multi-channel purchase platform which gathers many high quality suppliers.In addition we will offer you a range of after-sale sevices to meet your requirments. If your purchase orders are large enough, we can also provide an appropriate procurement to save your costs and achieve the objective of rational collocation of resources. Generally speaking,Gewinn United is a professional one stop souring center.

GEWINN united team introduction

Gewinn is a dynamic company, we are professional and focused, we aim to provide customers with the best quality woodworking machinery products and meet customers needs of the marketing.

Sales department

1. Responsible for business development, arrange customer information,contact customer in time,and respond customers inquiries;
2. Tracking the progress of production orders,and check whether the products meet the customer in a timely manner to Requirements then delivery products on time;
3. Making the required files for customer clearance
4. To provide customers with value service;

Marketing services department

1. Responsible for social media to spread the message, share products and exhibitionnews;
2. Organize domestic quality woodworking machinery suppliers going abroad to take part in and watch the show and promote exchanges with foreign manufacturers.

Technology design department

1. Respond for the daily work of internet technology and in charge of website development and construction projects;
2. Responsible-for web interface required to modify the contents and arrangement of pictures;
3. Responsible for the promotion of company products on the internet.

General manager office

1. Draw up Draw up company’s management and business principles, including major rules and regulations for the implementation.
2. Research and draw market development plan and lead staff to open up the new market, and let the company get bigger market.


Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.

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