18 years commonly used features and performance of mechanical polishing machine

by:Gewinn     2020-06-21
Cast light machine for steel, aluminum, copper and other metal products, appearance and tube processing, dozens of original accessories to meet different needs, easily create various precision snow markings, wiredrawing, waves, dumb smooth surface, mirror, etc. , fast repair deep scratches and minor scratches, quick grinding and polishing; Weld, shuikou mark, mark oxide film, stains and paint, etc. , suitable for deburring, rounded corners, decorative metal processing, does not constitute a shadow in the process of machining, transition zone, and decorative surface is uneven and so on, is an important equipment of metal products production line. Polishing machine is applicable to the following job: wood furniture, furniture profession, such as flat board, metal shake handshandle artifacts such as sanding wire drawing; Hardware ( Metal) Materials and products of aluminum and its products, stainless steel products and household utensils, copper material and products, plumbing sanitary ware, locks, lighting products, signs, nameplate, metal crafts accessories, knife cut class, door of live leaf, car spare parts of bicycle, tableware, Wei buckle products, button, belt buckle, cell phone shell, wall clock, professional artifacts such as sanding wire drawing; Electronic components and electronic devices such as electronic parts, flat sanding drawing etc.
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