18 years workers the difference between the polished and automatic polishing machine is introduced

by:Gewinn     2020-06-21
All active compared with workers grinding polishing machine what are the specific advantage? Below small make up to detailed introduce for us. Workers grinding is a must have limitations, active polishing machine in the advantage of polishing time is must, initiative in the polishing time polishing machine has the initiative. 1. Workers work time: 8 hours a day, work overtime 2 hours, a total of 10 hours ( Compensation costs, electricity) Active polishing machine: 24 hours a day ( Only electricity) General workers pay to be dollars a month, polishing, grinding, spraying type of work remuneration in 8000 to 10000 yuan, a robot can replace class two, two shifts can actually replace 4 people, one can count down two years back to this. And on the basis of the usage of European countries, a robot life can reach more than 20 years. 2. Method workers: polishing wheel fixed rotation, hands holding a workpiece grinding, each workpiece grinding effects are not the same, and lead to many artifacts are unqualified, and every time the heaviest if each person can only grinding an artifact! Active polishing machine, grinding wheel fixed rotation, a contorts the polishing, two artifacts synchronized grinding, grinding time, able to set strict control of the external factors are the same almost every workpiece, workpiece grinding, high pass rate. 3. Polishing viewpoints: workers to meet special azimuth Angle grinding, artificial adjustment point of view can only rely on experience to compensation, but also can't accurately to how many degrees, as for those who experience how can not enough chamfer polished, so lead to low qualification rate, high loss. Active polishing machine: straight 0 & deg; - - - - - - 45° The infinite viewpoints burnish, multi-usage, more provincial capital contribution.
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