5 woodworking tools for beginners

by:Gewinn     2020-02-22
Here is a list of 5 basic woodworking tools I recommend to beginners.
These tools should enable you to build almost anything, which is still useful even if you upgrade to a larger fixture later.
These tools will also bring a huge gift to any carpentry in your life.
Enjoy and let me know what your 5 options are in the comments below!
Please don\'t miss the video above for more information!
There is no doubt that the saw is one of the most useful woodworking tools.
It is versatile, portable and will serve your carpentry for many, many years.
From sheets like torn plywood and medium fiber boards, to cross-cutting wood, and even cutting circles with the right fixture, the round saw will be your choice
You didn\'t start using tools until you graduated.
If you are cordless (
You should do this because the cordless tool is awesome)
, I suggest you buy a set like this so you can swap batteries between your tools.
Some of the accessories that I suggest you go with a round saw include a straight line tearing fixture so that you can cut the straight line effectively.
I \'ve embedded a video on it showing how to build one, or you can buy a commercial version if you don\'t want to build one. Another must-
Have is a high quality blade for the material you will be cutting.
I use a universal
The dedicated blade on my saw allows me to cut almost anything with minimal tear.
If you are going to cut a lot of plywood or melamine, a higher tooth count blade will be a great addition to your kit.
Let\'s go ahead and discuss the next tool in the lineup!
The next important woodworking tool for beginners is a high quality drill bit.
You have to do a walkthrough on almost every project, so I suggest you invest in a powerful project.
One feature to look for is the hammer drill mode.
This will allow you to drill holes in masonry such as concrete and bricks.
If your store walls are made of concrete, I highly recommend buying a hammer drill as they allow you to install fasteners on the store walls.
Again, if you use the cordless kit, it will almost certainly come with a drill bit, but it may also come with an impact Drive.
The impact Drive is a very useful tool to use with the drill bit as it allows you to effectively drive fasteners such as screws and bolts without having to replace the drill bit.
Some of the accessories I recommend to your drill include a countersunk bit that will not only make your screw holes look cleaner, it will also help reduce cracking when driving the screws.
Another good accessory is some kind of drill.
It is based on a woodworking system, such as a pin drill fixture or a pocket hole fixture.
Any of these options will help you to create solid carpentry with hidden fasteners, something you can\'t do with a drill bit alone.
The next tool on my list is the puzzle.
If you want to cut the lines that are not straight, the puzzle will be your best choice.
Once again, if you are going to use a cordless device, use the same battery platform as other tools.
Some of the good features that need to be looked for in the puzzle include some sort of debris protection device to help prevent plywood and other plates with thin veneer from falling off, and some sort of dust removal method.
As for the accessories, the key accessories for jigsaws are a high quality blade designed to cut the material you are using.
This group has multiple blades designed for different types of materials.
The fourth tool on my list is the random track Sander, and unfortunately you will know it very well during your woodworking career.
Sanding is a necessary evil in carpentry, and investing in high-quality sanding machines can save you time and prevent your hands from vibrating to death.
I will find a sander with good vibration control, good dust collection and variable speed.
As for the accessories, I will buy all kinds of grinding plates and there are many more.
The last thing you want to do is kill you with a mat because you are not there.
This will waste your time and will not leave a surface finish.
As for which one, I tend to use up to 80, 120 and 180, with 320 remaining between the finish layers.
The last tool in my list is also one of the most versatile, that is the router!
This is indeed a cornerstone tool in any good woodworking workshop, which is well justified.
The router is equipped with the right bits and can do a lot of work in the woodworking workshop.
The router can cut dados and Rabbe, add round or chamfer, route mortises, and flatten large pieces and do a lot of work.
I suggest picking up a plunge router on a fixed router
The basic router because it allows you to do more on the router, including routing protocols and pockets.
Another good option is the trim router with the base.
While it may not be as powerful as the larger version, it will most likely be easier to handle and do most of the work.
For bits, I would recommend choosing the round bit or chamfer bit as the edge profile depending on your taste.
A simple round or chamfer can add much difference to the finished product, which is really surprising.
Also, I would choose a good Flush trim bit which is very useful when adding solid wood edge seals, template wiring, etc.
I would recommend avoiding the router bit sets as they will most likely come with bits that you don\'t need and are usually of low quality.
Hope you find this list helpful!
Again, please check the video above for more information.
If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will try my best to answer them.
If you would like to check out my more projects, please check out my YouTube channel or follow me on Instagram.
Thank you, the building is very happy! -
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