A brief analysis of the development status of the technical level of machine tools in the Russian machine tool industry

by:Gewinn     2022-05-29
Affected by the global economic environment in 2012, the Russian government issued a number of policies that will actively promote the development of the Russian machine tool industry: First, the government will invest 1 billion US dollars in the machine tool industry from 2011 to 2016, of which 750 million US dollars will be used for Product development, 250 million US dollars for technological transformation to improve the production capacity of Russia's existing machine tool industry. The goal is to develop 50 to 60 new products every year. For new products developed, the import of similar machine tools is restricted within 3 years. From July 1, 2011, as long as the machine tools used in national defense and military industries are not allowed to be imported, the Machine Tool Association will be responsible for the review. Second, within five years from 2011, the Russian government will invest 300 billion US dollars in the construction of power facilities and nuclear power plants, mainly for the purchase of equipment. At the same time, Russia will invest 900 billion US dollars in military equipment (machine tools, warships, etc.) within 10 years, of which 400 billion US dollars will be used for the technical transformation of basic equipment. It can be seen that the Russian machine tool industry will receive unprecedented government support and huge market pull. It will undoubtedly play an important role in the rise of the Russian machine tool industry, and will also bring corresponding business opportunities to the global machine tool industry. 1. The old Russian state-owned machine tool enterprise brands, such as Red Proletarians, Leningrad Machine Tool Factory, etc., cannot be seen at the exhibition. It is unknown whether these enterprises have withdrawn from the stage of history. When I asked Russian exhibitors at the booth, some said that they had closed down, and some said that the enterprises had undergone great changes in the 1990s and had turned to other industries. It can be seen that the famous Russian machine tool factory in the past no longer produces machine tool products. It has become a fact. 2. Russia's small and medium-sized machine tool enterprises are on the rise. There are many medium and low-end CNC machine tools on display. The medium and high-end CNC machine tool products are still in their infancy. The high-end exhibits at the exhibition are still products from Germany, Japan and Switzerland, and there are no dazzling ones. Russian products. 3. The appearance of some CNC machine tool exhibits in Russia is not very beautiful and modern, but it can still show a good level of craftsmanship and processing quality of parts, without losing the image of Russian products with high rigidity and durability. We also saw a Russian exhibit at the exhibition, which has obvious characteristics of Chinese products and is suspected to be an OEM product, but the exhibitor denied it. 4. The CNC system in Russia is relatively backward, and there is no CNC system of its own brand. There was neither a separate Russian CNC system on display at the exhibition, nor a machine tool supporting the Russian CNC system. The CNC machine tools on display are basically equipped with foreign systems such as FANUC and SIEMENS. According to the status quo of my country's CNC system, it is completely possible to enter the Russian market with a medium and low-grade CNC system and to match the medium and low-grade CNC machine tools.
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