A brief analysis of the reasons for the rapid development of Japan's die-casting mold industry

by:Gewinn     2022-05-12
In recent years, the development of Japan's die-casting mold industry has been at the forefront of the world. The reason why the development is so rapid, according to expert analysis, is mainly due to: First, the early design of Japanese die-casting mold companies is indeed very detailed, all 2D drawings are drawn very finely, and all tolerances are marked. Second, Japanese companies pay attention to the research of processing technology, and have formulated detailed process specifications for the roughing, finishing, electric pulse, wire cutting and other processes of the mold, including the positioning, machining allowance, and processing parameters during processing. Incorporated into the specification, in the production process, all processing shall be carried out according to the process specification and technical standard, and shall not deviate from it. Third, Japanese companies strictly follow the drawing requirements in terms of quality control. After the processing is completed, all employees conduct self-inspection and make records. After finishing the cavity, they use advanced 3D inspection equipment to scan and compare with 3D. To directly determine whether it is within the tolerance, the principle is to transfer to the next process after passing the test. my country's die-casting mold industry should learn from its advanced management mode to promote the better development of my country's die-casting mold industry.
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