A Brief Analysis of the Shipment Volume of Yaskawa Electric's AC Servo Motors in Japan

by:Gewinn     2022-05-11
According to Japanese media reports, as a leader in servo drive equipment (servo motors and control devices), Yaskawa Electric has shipped more than 10 million units since it launched AC servo drives into the market in August 1984. It is understood that after Yaskawa Electric launched AC servo drive products for the first time in 1984, it launched 'Σ series' products in September 1992. In 1993, the cumulative shipments reached 1 million units, and in 2005, the cumulative shipments reached 5 million units. Since then, since May 2007, the main model 'Σ-V series' products were launched to the market, and the cumulative shipment in March 2012 reached 10 million units. In September 1992, Yaskawa Electric led the world, with the concept of 'small, fast and cheapAfter that, in September 1997 and March 2002, the 'Σ-I series' and 'Σ-III series' products were developed and put into the market respectively. In order to respond to environmental regulations, improve performance, convenience and meet the needs of safety standards, Yaskawa Electric produced and launched the current main model 'Σ-V series' in May 2007. At first, AC servo drive products were only used in the fields of textile machinery, machine tools, food, packaging machinery and printing machinery. However, it has also begun to be applied in the fields of high-performance semiconductor manufacturing equipment, electronic component packaging machines, high-torque, high-precision, energy-saving punching machines and injection molding machines.
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