A common fault dispose sanding machine

by:Gewinn     2020-06-22
Problems such as sanding machine in the process of using the failure is inevitable, if not handled properly, not timely, is likely to cause the sanding machine seriously damaged or scrapped sanding machine. So users of the sanding machine to dispose sanding machine common failures, or accurate judgment of the sanding machine fault is particularly important. Sanding machine mostly common failures are not serious, but do not do proper treatment can cause big fault, greatly affected the production and enterprise benefit. Let the sanding machine use enterprise have suffered unnecessary loss. Sander common failures is not much, main show is abrasive belt, abrasive belt running deviation, limit failure fracture, wandering into the board, active belt creep, such as main bearing vibration abnormal problem. Let's analysis of these problems one by one. 1. Sanding machine Lord bearing vibration anomalies. This kind of situation usually bearing vibration performance is too large, severe than usual. The operator can be observed through the usual accumulation experience again to make accurate judgment in a timely manner. When excessive sanding machine Lord bearing vibration is generally there are two reasons for this. Bearing is broken or friction, the first kind of circumstance needs to replace bearings, according to the second case need to remove the check repair it. 2. Abnormal abrasive belt sanding machine. Common with abrasive belt wrinkling and rupture abrasive belt, abrasive belt running deviation, etc. Abrasive belt running deviation in general because of improper adjustment, if abnormal condition, a long running deviation phenomenon may appear, for a long time may cause damage of photoelectric switch, electromagnetic valve damage, etc. Abrasive belt sanding machine wrinkle generally speaking, there are several possible: sand roll and the tension roll wear, grinding think, repair roller; Soft abrasive belt be affected with damp be affected with damp cause wrinkles, can use the way to deal with such as baking to dry; Sanding machine long time not to use the sand roller surface rust rough, abrasive belt swing hard up trend, at this time dealing with the roller cleaning or with a fine sandpaper. 3. Sanding machine into board running deviation sanding machine, plate adjust the skid in sanding machine such as requested the back pressure on the spring adjustment to two-thirds of the position, on the interval of the output and the output should be less than 1 through the slab. About 5 mm. Otherwise it will cause skid phenomenon such as slab wandering. Serious when in particular are likely to hurt the operator and other personnel. Belong to should pay more attention to fault phenomenon.
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