a few arguments still to come over project\'s £16 billion costs

by:Gewinn     2019-08-19
It is known as the largest project since the Channel Tunnel.
The huge boring machine will be drilled down in London, an engineering feat that has never been seen since the French and British connections.
However, given the cost and completion records of cross-rail and tunnels, ministers may be shy of making more comparisons between cross-rail and tunnels.
As part of Napoleon\'s invasion plan, the tunnel was first proposed in 1802 and opened in 1994, exceeding the budget of £ 2 billion, a year later.
Crucially, although Gordon Brown reached a £ 16 billion deal with City Chiefs last fall, there are still doubts about the funding for the cross-rail.
The government has been asking businesses to provide an additional £ 1 billion, and the key breakthrough is that London has reached an agreement of £ 0. 35 billion to get £ 0. 2 billion from its own funds and £ 0. 15 billion from major city funds, so that the project can be advanced.
The Department of Transport now guarantees £ 5. 6 billion.
The mayor will raise £ 7 by traveling to London and the Greater London Authority.
7 billion on the basis of future commercial tax and fare income, combined with the loan, while the network railway promised 2 pounds. 3 billion.
But the city\'s business leaders have asked for assurances about what will happen if costs soar above £ 16 billion.
Business tax program, supplementary-
For 25 years, 2 P has been levied on properties worth more than 50,000 per cent of the class, which has also been attacked by Parliament and businesses.
If the cross-rail company is on a road similar to the tunnel, it will face difficult financial difficulties.
Even on 1964, the announcement
Transportation Minister Ernest marpels said: \"It is still to be decided how the specific time and method will be maintained.
\"Mr Brown even suggested that only Ken Livingstone would provide the crossbar.
However, Johnson insisted that the Conservative government would not abandon the project and stressed: \"I am absolutely confident that the Conservative Party will want to fund London in a way that is worth funding in London.
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