A new numerical control woodworking lathe acceptance of three steps

by:Gewinn     2020-03-24
For you just to buy a new numerical control woodworking lathe, acceptance is that you have to do and it is a very important thing, because there is no early acceptance, it is possible to cause the use of late. Then below small make up to introduce you to the numerical control woodworking lathe the acceptance of work. For the new wood lathe acceptance we must complete three steps: first step: unpacking acceptance. Random packing list and the contract specific accessories list the items one by one in the oven for checking. And make inspection records. Has the following content: the packing are in good condition, machine tool appearance without obvious damage, rust, paint; Any technical data, whether is complete; Accessories varieties, specification, quantity; Spare parts varieties, specification, quantity; Tools varieties, specification, quantity; Cutting tool < blade> varieties, specification, quantity; Installation accessories; Electrical components varieties, specification, quantity; Step 2: boot test after completion of machine installation and debugging, promptly notify the manufacturer sent to debug the machine. Test are mainly as follows: 1) All kinds of manual test a. Manual test the accuracy of the test manual. b。 Dynamic test point c. D axis shift test. Distance test 2) A function test. With buttons, switches, artificial manipulation function test was carried out on the machine. The flexibility, stability and function of the test action reliability. b。 You can choose any one of the main shaft spindle speed do start, forward, inversion, stop the test in a row. For not less than 7 times. c。 Spindle high, medium and low speed transformation test. Instruction value of the speed display value and tolerance for & plusmn; 5%. d。 You can choose any one of feeding XZ, on the whole trip, continuous work of feed and feed test quickly. Quick stroke should be greater than 1/2 full stroke. Sides and continuous operation of not less than 7 times. e. On the whole trip of X and Z axis, low, medium and high feed conversion test. Turret head various transposition clamping experiment was carried out. f。 Hydraulic, lubrication and cooling system for sealing, lubrication, cooling test, do not leak. g。 Chuck clamping, loosen, flexibility and reliability test. h。 Spindle forward, reverse, stop and change the spindle speed test. 我。 Turret head positive and negative direction transfer experiment was carried out. j。 Feed of low high feeding for fast feed transformation test. k。 Test of feed position coordinate overtravel, manual data entry, display, back to the reference point, application number instructions and retrieval, program pause, delete and address line interpolation, linear cutting cluelessness, taper cutting cycle, thread cutting cycle, circular arc cutting cycle, tool position compensation, pitch compensation, clearance compensation functions such as reliability, flexibility, etc. 3) A empty regulated test. Active mechanism running test, the high speed period shall not be less than 1 hour, main shaft bearing temperature not over 70 ℃, temperature rise shall not exceed 40 ℃; b。 Continuous running test, the movement time of not less than 8 hours, each cycle time is not more than 15 minutes. Stop the end of each loop, and simulate card workpiece movement, parking is not more than a minute, then continue to operate. 4) Load test users typical parts drawing and blank, ready in factory debugging personnel under the guidance of programming and the input, selection of cutting tool and cutting parameter. Load test according to the following three steps, thick, heavy cutting, fine car. Each step and single cutting and cutting cycle program. Every cutting machining parts after the completion of the inspection parts have actual size and comparing with instruction value, test under the condition of the load of the machine tool running accuracy, namely the integrated processing precision of machine tool, the inversion precision of the turret head. Step 3: open box to check and accept, acceptance of machine tools function test, after the completion of the idle running test, load test, the processing of qualified products, can deal with acceptance handover procedures. If any problem, manufacturer shall be responsible for solving acceptance link is very important for new equipment, I hope everyone can seriously, because this is to guarantee the lawful rights and interests can guarantee. Hope today small make up the share to draw enough attention from you.
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