a russian venue tour like vanoc never gave

by:Gewinn     2019-08-09
Polana, Russia-rebar-
Stairs with heel
Forklift operators wearing sandals walk inside the work tunnel to show reporters short skirts and high heels
Boring machine, Sochi 2014 group has just provided a wonderful venue tour to the visiting media.
\"We\'re no longer in Kansas, Toto,\" I \'ve been thinking because our hosts may have violated every safety rule in the Worksafe BC rules manual, they showed reporters a series of venues they built for 2014 Winter Olympics.
Of course, this is not a matter of BC, the return is an extraordinary look at the complexity and scope of the Russian Olympic construction project, and the information provided may help ease concerns about Sochi, because Sochi is beyond what it can afford.
I can tell you that this is different from any plain, rare and strict
The Vancouver Organizing Committee conducted a controlled tour of the media during 2010 preparatory years.
Vanoc\'s visit, usually once a year, is an industrial version of the museum\'s visit.
From the head of the conversation, some whiteboard images and maps, then back on the bus, filled with information.
You don\'t have a chance to get out of the marked area, especially after you get a security briefing.
The stupidest example I remember was a visit to the Whistler athletes\' village, which was a big dirty place at the time and found myself locked up in a place with nothing.
So images that add color to the story-dirty boots and faces, sparks from welders, people who do something-are shut out by us.
There was a video in my office and Vanoc did it later, which still annoyed me because they missed the opportunity to give us meaningful images and information.
On their last trip to the venues in Whistler Olympic Park, when everything was about to be completed, they played the video on the CD system on the tour bus.
This is a good set of interviews and photos of people involved in the end of the Karahan Valley construction environment.
Photos of the waterfall, photos of the river
Breeders and environmental geologists, once large amounts of compost materials such as trees.
This is a good internal observation of a more controversial and challenging issue facing Vanoc, how to create Whistler Olympic Park without damaging the environment.
The entire video was done by Vanoc staff who had access to what the media had never touched and could only dream.
The trip to Sochi mountain venues is just the opposite.
They took us to tunnel one.
Five, one of the six junior-
The tunnel complex is crossing the mountains along the Mzymta River.
The tunnel is part of 48-
The kilometers of road and rail networks will link mountain skiing and coastal ice and snow venues to Adler airport.
International journalists showed up wearing the right shoes-a bit like that, because I wore suit pants later in the interview.
However, some local journalists have no problem with high heels, sandals, skirts, T-shirts
Shirts and the like.
When I saw some workers wearing casual clothes, any idea that it was inappropriate or unsafe disappeared.
We are guided into the newstarted 2.
The 8-kilometer railway tunnel, along a rocking wooden cat step, is partially anchored on the wall of the drill.
At about 400, we found a boring machine in Germany,Facing operators.
You can see that the teeth of the machine are still turning and chewing on the inside of the mountain.
The workers looked happy-of course, they were so excited when a beautiful dress appeared --
The dressed radio reporter stood at the place where they stood.
One of them asked me in Russian where I came from.
My translator told him.
He is happy to say that hockey in Canada is playing well.
And I said, maybe Sochi is the golden place where we see Russians.
Match with Canada.
He said with a smile that Canada has as good hockey players as Russia.
When I came up with this suggestion because we had a lot of Russian players in the NHL and they were all surprised.
You can\'t get this image in Vancouver.
This boring machine reveals the complexity of Sochi.
It moves 400 m a month and lays its own concrete support ring behind it.
But it was 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The foreman estimated that they would break through the other side before Christmas.
I\'m not the kind of person who has a stage show.
But this is better than the other, there is no tour at all, in which case I think what the Russians do is eliminate a lot of myths about how they are doing on this project.
I want to see more support from the company. level dirt-under-the-
The reporter can reach the nail.
It helps both humanity and the mystery of complex stories.
But I promise not to wear skirts and sandals.
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