A thorough knowledge of the safety operation of woodworking machinery work instructions

by:Gewinn     2020-09-23
A thorough knowledge of the safety operation of woodworking machinery work instructions matters

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1 woodworking machinery safety operation, woodworking machinery operators must be familiar with all kinds of mechanical structure, performance and operation and maintenance method, to use, people accountable for results.
2, woodworking machinery, the operation should be dressed in overalls, tighten cuffs, female comrade must wear good working cap, braided into the cap; Don't wear gloves, scarves, etc.
3, machinery must try it out before you start work, all the parts working properly rear can begin to work. The shaft from the
4, woodworking machinery, chain, pulley, the belt and other moving parts, should be set shield and shield.
5, mechanical operation of any abnormal situation or other failure occurs, should be immediately cut off the power supply, parking overhaul.
6, replace the cutter, saw blade, must cut off the total power supply.
7, a day before work, check the machine lubrication system. Are in good condition.

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