ABB robots and music superstar Bon Jovi perform on stage

by:Gewinn     2022-06-04
Recently, music superstar Bon Jovi and ABB Industrial Robots held the first performance of a new round of global tour at 'Key Stadium' in Seattle, USA. With the on-site assistance of ABB robots, the audio-visual effect of Bon Jovi's concert reached a new height, bringing unprecedented sensory stimulation to the audience. Five ABB IRB 7600 industrial robots, located behind the stage, were an important part of the show. A 6-by-9-foot LED screen is mounted on each robot's arm. During the performance, these robots will dance to the beat of the music, and the LED screen on the arm will broadcast the live performance and related animation videos. During the interval between the performances, the five robots will cooperate with each other to connect the LED screens on their respective arms to form a whole large screen. The custom LED screens installed on each of the IRB 7600 robots participating in the show weighed 700 pounds, and each screen consisted of 24 small screens in a 4-row by 6-column matrix. The I-MAG zoomed-in footage was captured by cameras located throughout the concert venue. About 85% of the footage will be played on the LED screen during the performance, and the rest will include pre-made 3D images and dazzling animations automatically generated by the computer based on the rhythm of the live music. The key to enabling robots to participate in live performances is RoboScreen™ technology, which was invented by Andy Flessas, founder and president of Robotic Arts in Las Vegas, USA. Flessas has also developed a 3D computer animation technology, Robot Animator™, which enables the robot's movements to be precisely synchronized with live music and performances, and can independently program the movement animation of ABB robots, similar to the special effects of characters in film and television. Robot Animator™ software enables program code to be entered directly into the ABB robot's controller after the intended motion is complete. The ABB robot is then able to replicate the entire set of prescribed movements on stage. Bon Jovi and his directorial team were first introduced to RoboScreen™ technology and were impressed by its unique concept and the cool shape of the ABB IRB 7600 robot. After seeing the charming dance of ABB robots, and understanding the huge installed capacity and global service network of ABB robots, Bon Jovi and his director team immediately decided to buy ABB products. Mr. Flessas said: 'It is unprecedented for an industrial robot to participate in a large-scale concert tour. ABB robots provide an important performance element for the entire tour site, and the atmosphere it creates is very consistent with the style of Bon Jovi.'
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