About the CNC woodworking lathe parts is introduced

by:Gewinn     2020-04-11
We all know that some stepper motor rotating only in one direction, the cutting tool when only a single direction. Below, CNC woodworking lathe is specific for everybody to introduce the phenomenon the reason and solution: why 1, motion control system wiring board has a question, the question of discrimination can exchange drives to the plug on the wiring board, if the normal is wiring board questions. Solution: replace the wiring board. Reason 2, measurement strips between 5 v interface and DIR in click and marching back there is no voltage between 5 v and OV to change, if did not belong to cable or control system. Solution: replace the cable or maintenance control system. Reason 3, drive, through the exchange of the same drive motor plug, if the problem is transferred to another shaft is able to distinguish the drive problem. Solution: replace the drive. The content of the above introduction is about numerical control woodworking lathe parts is introduced. Hope you will like the above content, more wonderful content, we continue tomorrow.
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