About the development trend of the woodworking tool is introduced

by:Gewinn     2020-04-27
A brief introduction of the development trend of woodworking tools: the development of learning technology, ordinary cutting material already can not meet the requirement of the new technology of machining tools. Woodworking tools is toward superhard materials, high performance and high precision. Cutting materials, such as cubic boron nitride ( 立方氮化硼) , polycrystalline diamond ( PCD) , coating the diamond ( CVD) And other superhard materials appeared, no doubt, to the development of woodworking cutting tool industry play a positive role in promoting. The manufacturing precision of woodworking tools is increasing day by day, the emergence of a new tool design and new products constantly. Woodworking tool design and manufacturing technology is to improve the machining accuracy, improve product quality, reduce manufacturing cost and use cost, mass production and large-scale direction. These are the development trend of woodworking tools. A: do you know what use woodworking machinery vacuum tube under a: simple introduction to the structure of woodworking band saw
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