About the polishing machine common problem you know?

by:Gewinn     2020-06-18
Today, the small edit please talk about common problems of automatic polishing machine; The larger issue is & other; Excessive polishing & throughout; A long time, when using time automatic polishing machine, polishing machine equipment, customized polishing machine mould surface quality becomes poor, so will appear & other; Orange peel & throughout; And & other; Pitting & throughout; The phenomenon such as; So should be how to solve? When the artifact & other; Orange peel & throughout; Phenomenon, because of the mould surface caused by excessive overheating or carburizing, when the equipment is automatic polishing machine, polishing machine, custom of polishing machine polishing a larger pressure polishing time is long can also lead to appear & other; Orange peel & throughout; The phenomenon of, what is & other; Orange peel & throughout; ? That is to say, the surface is irregular coarse; Relatively hard polished steel to withstand high pressure, because of the relatively soft steel polishing the phenomenon of excessive can occur easily. So how to eliminate artifacts & other; Orange peel & throughout; The measures? First need to get rid of the defective surface, followed by grinding granularity than previously used sand, slightly rough level, reduce the tempering temperature 25 ℃ and then in the elimination of stress, until satisfied effect. And workpiece surface & other; Pitting & throughout; Phenomenon, when the equipment is automatic polishing machine, polishing machine, custom polishing machine polishing pressure is bigger, the polishing time is longer, purity of steel is not enough, hard impurity content is high, the surface of the mold, the phenomenon of the rust, etc. The above is about the type of polishing machine, hope this article can bring you help.
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