About the safety of the numerical control woodworking machinery technical requirements

by:Gewinn     2020-04-08
With the development of science and technology, equipment and numerical control technology have got the perfect combination of numerical control woodworking machinery has already been widely used in wood processing, it has changed the traditional mode of production, improve the production efficiency and quality. But in the use of machinery must pay attention to safety problems, so let's to know about the safety of the numerical control woodworking machinery technical requirements. ( 1) Must, in accordance with a wheel shall cover, shaft and sleeve and the blade cover, saw blade, plane ( Cut) Cut a block and feed safety requirements, for all kinds of woodworking machinery configuration corresponding safety protection device. Unarmed operator safety protection is required. ( 2) Woodworking machinery and electric knife shaft should be safe from spreading device when handling or replacing cutting tools and maintenance, can cut off the power supply and keep the disconnected position, in order to prevent electric shock source switch or suddenly start power machinery, lead to personal injury accidents. ( 3) To produce noise, wood dust or volatile harmful gas machinery and equipment, should be connected configuration and mechanical operation of noise elimination, vacuuming or ventilation, to eliminate or reduce occupational hazards. ( 4) To prevent risk, the timber wood processing rebound, feeding device should be set up safety screen protector or separate knife, prevent rebound device, ensure the personal safety. ( 5) Woodworking machinery in the normal start and stop manipulating device equipped at the same time, should be set in case accident to the safety of the emergency stop control device. Above is the numerical control woodworking machinery technology security requirements, hope to be of service.
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