About woodworking machinery CNC lathe cutting process related issues

by:Gewinn     2020-04-29
With the wide use of woodworking CNC lathe now, everyone can should realize the importance of woodworking CNC lathe, along with the constant innovation of woodworking CNC lathe, I believe you will pay more attention to the performance of the product. Have recently asked the user related issues of woodworking CNC lathe cutting process, the following give you specific less: for woodworking CNC lathe machining, materials processing, cutting tools, and cutting conditions is pay attention to three major factors! It decides the price of time, the knives' service life and processing quality. It requires continuous automatic processing finish turning tools, we complete the process when it is important to note that the following three problems! Woodworking CNC lathe cutting process specific attention to the first question: cutting speed, feed and cutting depth directly caused the damage. Along with the increase of cutting speed point temperature will rise, will produce mechanical, chemical, thermal wear. Cutting speed is greatly increased, the knives' service life will be reduced. The second question: feed conditions and behind the cutting tool wear in minimum range. Behind but feeding, cutting temperature rise, wear and tear. It is smaller than the influence of cutting speed on tool. The influence of cutting depth on cutting tools while there is no cutting speed and feed, tiny cutting deep, but in the hardening layer is cutting material, will also affect the service life of cutting tools. Third question: according to the user of processed material, hardness, cutting condition, material selection, feed and cutting depth etc. The use of cutting speed. The most suitable processing conditions of the selected on the basis of these factors is selected. Above is about the related issues of woodworking CNC lathe cutting process all of the content, if it is helpful to you, please continue to focus on our website.
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