Abrasive belt sanding machine installation method and maintenance skills

by:Gewinn     2020-06-22
Due to the application of belt grinding and the research in our country is still in its infancy, so the knowledge about abrasive belt use on domestic literature introduction is not much, as a manufacturer of abrasive belt, when we are in the reception and visiting users often feel some users of abrasive belt storage and use of knowledge is not very understanding. In order to better service for customers, make the abrasive belt when use is in the best state, play to the advantages of abrasive belt grinding, abrasive belt be storage is introduced and some knowledge of the use. 1 abrasive belt storage of abrasive belt is very crucial for the use of abrasive belt, especially big influence on width of abrasive belt. The ideal storage conditions, the reasonable method to guarantee the abrasive belt to use the best condition. 1. Temperature and humidity requirements 1 abrasive belt should not be stored in temperature and humidity change is bigger, the ideal temperature for: 18 220 c; The ideal humidity is: 40 - 65%, high temperature can make binder ageing, reduce the service life of abrasive belt. Abrasive belt (synthetic fiber substrates Such as polyester cloth belt) Is more sensitive to cold, not in cold storage warehouse. Humidity is too high or too low will make the abrasive belt produces a certain amount of deformation, the deformation will reduce the strength of the adhesive of the abrasive belt glue sand. Especially the humidity effect on the abrasive belt is more serious. In addition to the water proof abrasive belt, abrasive belt commonly used after be affected with damp be affected with damp, is easy to appear the phenomenon such as discount, knit and make the abrasive belt scrap. In addition, the abrasive belt grinding of be affected with damp be affected with damp on the surface of the abrasive belt grinding material easily when adhesion to reduce the service life of abrasive belt. High temperature and low humidity affects the paper-based abrasive belt is bigger, make paper base abrasive belt brittle, scrapped when used is easy to break. 1. 2 storage storage of abrasive belt should be a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse; Abrasive belt to put the goods shelves, can't put on the ground; Cargo plane should not only keep the floors, walls, 200 - About 500 mm distance, at the same time to avoid close to the cooling and drainage device; Unused abrasive belt try not to open the packing cases. Heavy abrasive belt on package cannot be stacked, lest produce crease and split in the abrasive belt. 2 abrasive belt before using the processing of abrasive belt storage is important, but before using abrasive belt, if cannot be handled properly will seriously affect its performance. 2. 1 abrasive belt hanging belt should be suspended at least 2 - before use 5 days, its purpose is to eliminate crimp due to packing. Will be packed open abrasive belt hanging in 100 - 200 mm diameter pipe or special abrasive belt on the supporting frame. The length of the pipe should be greater than the width of abrasive belt, abrasive belt is easy to fall off or otherwise produce bell mouth; The pipe should be level, otherwise easy to damage the abrasive belt edge. Hang the abrasive belt of the environmental temperature and humidity should be in accordance with the storage conditions of the abrasive belt, the simplest way is in a sealed room, with a few 40 w and 64 w bulb to keep dry. 2. 2 a visual inspection after the suspension of abrasive belt in the appearance of the necessary quality checks should be obtained before using, check whether level off, strong abrasive belt joint; Abrasive belt surface had holes, sand group, lack of sand, glue spots, buckling; Edges is tidy and for cracks, abrasive belt if there is a smaller gap, after cut off ( Cut into circular arc form) Does not affect use. 3 the use of abrasive belt only reasonably choosing and correctly use abrasive belt, and can correctly solve the problem of various appearing in the abrasive belt use, exerting the advantages of abrasive belt grinding and abrasive belt grinding performance, to guarantee the quality of machining. 3. 1 USES the principle of 3. 1. 1 to choose reasonable abrasive belt type different machining workpiece shape of workpiece material, different chooses abrasive belt model is different, the selection of abrasive belt type mainly from the matrix materials, abrasive materials, the types of adhesive and abrasive belt joint way four aspects to choose. On the literature of this knowledge in domestic has been reported many times, here no longer introduced in this paper. 3. 1. 2 to choose the appropriate particle size only to choose the appropriate particle size of abrasive belt to ensure the quality of processing the surface of the workpiece and improve the service life of the abrasive belt. If choose sand with grain size number is too small, can't guarantee the machining surface quality. If with abrasive belt size is too big, abrasive belt when use easy to wrinkle and fracture, reduce the service life of abrasive belt. 3. 1. 3 multichannel abrasive belt grinding process of liu du degree if choose a workpiece using multichannel abrasive belt grinding process, using abrasive belt granularity after compared with the previous way jump can be at most two grain sizes, only in this way, can play the abrasive belt grinding efficiency, to ensure machining workpiece size and shape of the workpiece surface quality. 3. 1. 4 multichannel grinding of abrasive belt grinding process in addition to the two process quantity distribution: QianHouDao distribution than 85/15; The distribution of three procedures: QianHouDao than 65/25/10; The distribution of the four procedures: QianHouDao than 50/30/12/8 3. 1. 5 abrasive belt running direction of choice when using the lap belt, to make the abrasive belt running direction with abrasive belt of the logo on the back in the same direction, or abrasive belt are prone to premature rupture in use process, and affect the quality of machining surface. When using the docking abrasive belt can not consider of the abrasive belt running direction. 3. 2 belt grinding problems and solutions which were liable to occur only when the abrasive belt grinding grain of basic grinding blunt, loss of abrasive belt grinding performance is the end of the normal service life of abrasive belt. But, in the actual process of abrasive belt grinding of abrasive belt quality is bad, the quality of the workpiece is bad, the equipment problems and improper operation, can also cause abrasive belt in grinding grain not dull when scrap.
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