According to the order, please switch woodworking CNC lathe

by:Gewinn     2020-04-19
Each device operating sequence, the set has its existence. Numerical control woodworking lathe is the same, we should be in accordance with the operating sequence to the line switch machine, CNC woodworking lathe is relatively large wood production equipment, to avoid in the process of production safety accidents. As the use of numerical control woodworking lathe, must understand its switch in order to use, not because the only figure for illegal operation more convenient, in the process of production, sometimes operators in their working life is longer, tends to be on hold fluky psychology the illegal operation, all of these to buy safe hidden trouble, paralysis in mechanical manufacturing or any thing is not desirable. Woodworking CNC lathe is the first to open the equipment dust removal fan, and to the problem of dust cleaning staff should be in a fixed period of time to clean up dust bag, jitter, will appear with the dust accumulation place shake off clean. Equipment downtime is finally close the same dust removal fan, for the protection of the equipment can be independent production staff can be reasonable use according to the needs of production. Above is provided by our antai CNC woodworking lathe, if you have any friends don't understand the problem, can give us a message on the Internet, we will reply to you as in the first place! Hope you attention to us!
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