accurate positioning device offered for standard and sliding table saws.

by:Gewinn     2020-06-04
TigerStop is proud to announce an innovative CNC solution for automating existing standard and sliding table saws.
Throw away the tape measure and tear or cross the tape measure of the same size every time.
Make every employee the best employee for you.
The new system provides a solution that can be used as both a package and a rip fence and cross fence for a slide saw separately.
Now, everyone can become a CNC power.
Spencer Dick of tigerstop\' sceo believes that these new generation of fourth-generation products provide [positioning accuracy]+ or -]0.
003 inch is used for transcription and cross-operation.
TIGERFENCE TigerFence completely replaces the OEM rip fence and suevision, which, together with the operator error, causes a precision problem.
The controller of TigerFence can be installed near the operator, cutting off any steps required to manually locate the fence;
Now there is no need to set the fence around the saw.
Transforming the saw with tigerfence provides owners with the benefits of reducing labor costs by significantly reducing installation time, reducing training costs and higher accuracy.
It all means a faster return. on-investment (ROI).
Tigerstop also got a high score as it was clearly easy to install and was able to rotate TigerFence to a remote location if necessary.
TIGERCROSSCUT is the first area in the industry
Install CNCupgrade sliding table saw.
TigerCrossCut is designed to replace the OEM cross fence and can handle more than 120 inch of the length.
The controller of TigerCrossCut can be installed in front of the operator, allowing the Sawyer to stay with the material when quickly typing the fraction or decimal size accurate [+ or -]0. 003inch.
Your operator can spend less time processing materials and more time completing the work.
The durable explosive combination of TigerCrossCut and tigerfence allows almost any saw to enter the store\'s bestsawyer by providing high productivity and accuracy.
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0661 or visit its website atwww. tigerstop. com.
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