acquisitions help make weinig more \'solid\' than ever.

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Michael Vinig.
As a global leader in wood mold technology, through the acquisition of Waco and Dimter, it has expanded and strengthened its position in solid wood processing.
The three technology centers offer \"single-source solutions\" through an efficient international distribution and service network, which Weinig has built over the past few decades, including it in NC, it is also the North American headquarters of dimert and Waco, with the first
In 1992, it was named as the class training center of \"Educator of the Year\" by the Woodworking machinery importer association.
Weinig\'s strength in the North American solid wood processing market is closely related to the firm\'s solid foundation in Europe.
The head office of Weinig group and the largest production plant are inTauberbischofsheim, Germany.
More than 1,000 employees participated in 4-
Double sided planing bed/die cutting machine for solid wood processing.
The Waco Weinig range provides an ideal means of replenishment, focusing on higher capacity planners, the feed rate of gouging up to 1,000 feet times per minute, in addition to the band saw structure and ripsaws.
Waco has a modern production facility in Halmstad, Sweden, with 100 employees.
Dimter, Illertiseen, Germany, has 300 employees and enjoys a high reputation in the field of wood optimization crossover
Cutting saw, picking plants and continuous saw
Gluing and laminating equipment.
Wiig also has a highly modern manufacturing facility in Los Angeles. Chaux-de-
Fonds, Switzerland, where 40 employees produce planing machines and profiles.
Brochure \"processing solid wood with products from theWeinig --
AtIWF \'94 will release more detailed information on August. 25-28.
Stop in front of Booth 5118 at Weinig and get a copy.
Intelligent horizontal Dimter
Since its merger with Weinig last year, Dimter has greatly expanded its size. The know-
How to get in the development of highly automated factories can also provide standard machine solutions for medium-sized enterprises
For example, in the cross cutting of solid wood, large and small companies.
In the field of high technology
The technology of the capacity plant, dimmer, includes some very complex processing-related know-
How to go from sawwood to laminated squares or edges
Solid wood plywood.
The following components are pan of the dimmer product range: * Automatic surface detection and detection system * optimized crossovercut and cut-
Downline * fingerprint welding factory * panel glue coating line * laminating factory * double
In the past few years, Dimter has introduced many innovations, especially in the field of cross-cutting and wood defect detection.
Recently, Dimter developed Discan, an automatic photoelectric Wood defect scanning system that integrates data transmission into fast computers and software.
Since the Discan system takes into account the position of the wood properties, the advantages of the photoelectric scanning of the wood surface are obvious.
Check up to four aspects at the same time.
Evaluate parallel areas on each side.
This new technology not only ensures faster and more objective assessments than visual grading, but is also optimized based on extremely complex decision criteria that can be freely defined and then selectively used according to the relevant final criteriaUse of wood.
Up to 64 features can be defined as indicators of wood defects, and eight different end-uses of wood are also considered in the results, this increases the opportunity to utilize defective wood as a higher quality and/or large fixed length within the allowed area.
Given the high requirements for surface quality and the need to increase material production, this is a decisive factor.
Software determines the real key to optimization, but optimizing the transmission and real-time processing of data in the computer is the key.
In this regard, important progress has been made in the direction of very high feed speed in recent years.
The Optimax system of the dimmer consists of a high
Speed industrial standard computers and users
Dimter is a friendly software developed as an optimized \"smart brain.
Programming of all system parameters and input of sample data can be done via a keyboard or office PC on the machine.
You can enter a combination of any board length, quality, and defect definition in the simulation program. In 0.
Second, the optimized circuit board data is displayed on the computer screen.
By modifying important evaluation data, fixed length, or other criteria, users can quickly find the ideal parameter settings required for production.
The software developed by Dimter is quite costly and can be optimized according to the most different standards and combinations.
When optimizing production, the computer looks for the best combination of length and minimum amount of waste.
Alternatively, a cutting combination with maximum total value can be established on the basis of a significant end
When optimizing the value of the wood, use the value for each length.
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