Advanced on behalf of the numerical control woodworking lathe

by:Gewinn     2020-04-19
Numerical control woodworking lathe is the representation of the equipment, modern technology progress directly from start manually now the development of numerical control woodworking lathe, in accordance with the requirements and features of the woodworking industry research and development design, suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises of processing. In research and development on numerical control woodworking lathe, must and the international community, to reach the international leading level, and numerical control equipment specialized level, attachment and active skill, etc should be standardized, again to complete the exchange. Such as the number of tools in the library, changing knife sharpener speed, active system, software open degree and interface function of love should be standardized. Expert system programming in nc system, fault system, active set parameters and cutting tool active conduction system, prediction of accounting functions, the adaptive fuzzy control functions, etc. , make the nc carpenter machine more intelligent. Processing fill copying, back knife and craftsmanship of the lack of lathe, with its high flexibility, reliability and stability has been in the user's consistent high praise, the market, through the practice of the regional users inspection has been able to completely replace back dao and copying lathe. Processing: stair columns, twists and turns round, vase, tables and chairs, european-style furniture, wooden hangers and washbasin Roman column, cylindrical, conical, arc shape, spherical clutter of rotors of wood or wood semi-finished products.
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