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by:Gewinn     2019-08-21
Chennai: After the successful completion of the construction of the Anna Sarai tunnel on Metro line 45km phase-
I, Afcons Infrastructure is keen on 105-km phase-II as well.
\"No matter where their project is, we will definitely be one of the preferred contractors for CMRL,\" said deputy contractor K Subrahmanian.
Earlier this week, the chairman and general manager of Afcons Infrastructure Co. , Ltd. in the city.
Three companies are also being built.
On June 2016, a Russian contractor gave up work on the grounds of the financial crisis and took over the tunnel project under Anna Sarai.
Under tight deadlines, Afcons, working under complex soil conditions, will hand over 4.
Line 1 km from May Day Park to AG
DMS was transferred to CMRL on January 2018.
\"We are faced with a mixed soil formation where both the soil and the rock are on the same cross-section and this situation can significantly slow down the speed of the project, which is what we have encountered in Chennai.
But we took it as a challenge and completed it a month before the February 2018 deadline, \"he said.
Part of the Central Metro will be put into operation in March 2018 and the rest will move forward to CMRL in the medium term2018, he said.
As soil conditions make construction difficult and even slow down construction, the Afcons team used some innovative methods to get the job done on time.
May Day Park-AG-
They built tunnels and crossing passages alone.
\"We have designed a new way to do this and are considering applying for a patent.
Traditionally, the crossing was built after the tunnel was built. . .
Said Subrahmanian.
In the center, in order to save time through hard rock, a stitched Wall was built, which included \"tying\" the reinforced concrete wall to the underground wall of the station.
\"After we took over the May Day Park, the tunnel drill was renovated in the tunnel itself --AG-DMS stretch.
We changed from the conveyor system used by previous contractors to loco to carry muck from the cutter. . . ,” he said.
\"We will provide CMRL with input on certain good practices that they can adopt, whether in the form of contract documents, in the form of early surveys, or in the form of Project packaging, or how they do pre-
He said.
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