after dark, making tracks in the ground beneath your feet

by:Gewinn     2019-08-14
Kuala Lumpur, August 9-
In the dead of night, when most people sleep at home, in an underground tunnel, more than 20 people are sleeping under 30 metres of Jalan Bukit Bintang.
These are tunnel engineers and ground crew who are working to complete large-scale and rapid transportation (MRT)line. \"We have two 12-
Hour shift, night shift from seven o\'clock P. M. to seven o\'clock A. M. , \"MMC said.
Gamuda code Foreman Mohd Zakiuddin Ridzuan, month.
\"Initially, we needed some time to adjust, but now we are used to it.
\"Night Shift means against the natural needs of their bodies, and being with the sun, the moon, the stars and the sky is a rare situation.
The workers must walk in narrow places.
1 km sidewalk as this is the only way to get to the tunnel drill (TBM)
There is electricity in the tunnel that can illuminate their roads.
The work of this all-night tunnel team looks really old.
Because they had to face the dirty water of the particles in the air into the lungs bravely, they did hard work.
Also, with the sound of the generator running, when everyone is shouting for it, it feels like a big shell curtain in the underground world at night.
Going down through the round shaft to the bottom of the pit, accuracy is the key when cutting the tunnel using the tunnel rig.
\"We are using a variable density rock tunnel cutter because it is designed to be excavated through karstic limestone because it contains water bags and large void chambers that can cause surface sinkholes,\" MMC said
Yusni Shahadan, construction manager, Gamuda, 48.
Zakiuddin said that the danger of water during tunnel construction is that if the tunnel excavation hits the water bag, the pressure will force the water to flow out and may flood the area.
\"The high pressure coming out can cause a lot of damage.
\"This will even affect the tunnel work, which will have to stop and delay the construction of the subway,\" he said . \".
The team is always a priority to ensure safety.
Yousany stressed that the dangerous part is heavy objects.
\"Things can go down and while it doesn\'t happen, it\'s always good to take precautions.
\"Gantry cranes carry each large segment weighing 5 tons to prepare for a tunnel under 30 m for the subway,\" yousany said . \".
While most processes are automated, assembling segments in tunnels to form rings requires manual completion and it takes about an hour to place seven segments side by side.
\"In order to avoid the inclination of the tunnel, we have to make sure that the space between these segments is less than 20mm.
\"Once it is done, these parts will be put down and we will drill them in place to form a tunnel,\" Zakiuddin said . \".
Although everyone has to face great pressure, it is necessary to prepare the tunnel before the middle of the day.
2015 is their goal.
However, they had to take a slowand-
A stable approach, because safety is still the key to everything going smoothly.
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