After half a century, the Sino-Russian equipment industry is moving towards in-depth cooperation again

by:Gewinn     2022-05-27
The first China-Russia Expo allowed the two countries to relive the good memories of cooperation and development more than half a century ago. On July 1, 2014, at the Sino-Russian 'First Five-Year' aid project cooperation meeting, the parent company of the key industrial projects aided by the Soviet Union in China and the Chinese enterprises that received aid sat together again to discuss aviation, engines, aircraft, numerical control The docking and negotiation of cooperation in machine tools and other fields marks that more than half a century later, China and Russia have once again moved towards in-depth cooperation in the field of equipment manufacturing. During the 'First Five-Year Plan' period, the Soviet Union and Eastern European countries assisted China in building nearly 1,000 industrial projects with '156 projects' as the core, which greatly enhanced the strength of China's heavy industry and military industry, and enabled China to quickly get rid of the backwardness of heavy industry. Sun Yao, Vice Governor of Heilongjiang Province, introduced that among the 156 projects at that time, 22 projects were settled in Heilongjiang, including a number of large national key enterprises such as Hafei, Ha Bearing, and Ha Electric. After 60 years of development, the scientific research and manufacturing capabilities of some of these companies have taken the lead in the world, while the technology of some companies still lags behind the world's advanced level. It is necessary to improve the level through technical exchanges between China and Russia. 'The purpose of our event is to promote the connection between the Chinese companies that received aid and the Russian mother factory. The Chinese aircraft manufacturers participating in this conference include Hafei, Shenyang, and XAC. The one who provided assistance was Iliu, now in Russia. Shen Group, Tupolev Design Bureau and MiG Group. Through this expo, if China and Russia can reach a consensus in the aviation field more than half a century ago, it will be of great significance to the future development of Sino-Russian aviation.” , a total of more than 50 Chinese enterprises that received aid that year participated in the matchmaking meeting. At the meeting, Chinese companies such as Heilongjiang Huatianyuan International Trade Co., Ltd. and Russian companies such as United Aircraft Corporation of Russia and Ilyushin Group signed contracts on cooperation in aircraft accessories and supporting services.
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