ahmedabad metro: underground metro rail work won\'t disrupt daily life

by:Gewinn     2019-08-29
Construction work will begin next week and the tunnel rig will be used for this work. The construction work of the underground part of the subway track will not affect the daily life activities of the ground.
Gandhi Nagar and Ahmadinejad Co. , Ltd. , which Link Express, said on Tuesday that,
Construction work starts next week, tunnel boring machine (TBM)
Will be used for this work.
IP Gautam, a retired IAS officer at Ahmedabad, explained how it would work, and he said it would be like a mouse cutting thing.
The jaws of these machines are very large.
It is difficult for people on the ground to know that drilling is going on.
\'We have two years to finish the work, \'he said.
There will be wheels, excavation chambers and other tools that need to be cut for the TBM.
It will also have the machine to work in the back and bring the mud or sand forward.
We will have machines to dispose of it every 2 km metres.
Once the machines are below the surface, he says, there is no way to get them out unless the work is done.
The machines will also be laying tracks, and the network will have two tracks.
So far, we are not a major underground network.
He said that according to our investigation, we may encounter some damaged hand pump pipes on this route.
In Bangalore, a tunnel drilling machine was badly damaged during construction, so the subway project stalled for 10 months.
MEGA is building a 32-
The first phase of the subway rail project is the kilometer railway network, of which 6 are.
3 km below the eastern surface-
The western passage starts with the combination of Thaltej Vastral.
The construction work will start with the clothing Park warehouse and the machine will make way for the circular tunnel.
MEGA will develop this area in two phases.
In the first phase, the machines will work on the route from clothing Park to Kalupur train station.
The diameter of the route is between 1 m and 20 m.
The underground section will have four stations, including the Kalupur station, which will be the connecting point for the merger with the existing railway station and the upcoming bullet train station.
The other three are Kankaria station, Shahpur station and Gheekanta station.
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