Aircraft maintenance and d woodworking machinery equipment materials

by:Gewinn     2020-05-18
Material is mainly used for roll plate material uncoiling and winding. Can be either metallic materials or non-metallic materials. Jin wing double material frame for the driving load automatically, this machine is the main features are: feeding is convenient, save time, scientific and reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, cover an area of an area small. Double material often match with leveling machine, automatic feeder automation equipment of stamping production line automation, high efficiency and energy saving, reduce cost and improve efficiency. First: every time before starting the first machine appearance check, to see if the machine has damaged or anomalies. The second: the unpowered add butter spread to parts of lubrication, every month should add a main shaft bearing of butter, replaced once every six months reducer motor oil, engine oil plus 1/2 place between shaft and rod. : 3 month to check each connection point in electric cabinet can not have loose, in order to avoid burning appliances, affect the normal use, can not have oil and water into more. Phase 4: use, should pay attention to the check of the bearing, screw loose. 5: if you do not use, in the main shaft with butter, other easy rusty part to spray anti-rust oil. Sixth: if there is not automatic feeding, may be a loose time relay or burn out, notice the time relay delay must not be too short, should be adjusted for a long time, as far as possible so that we can reduce the frequent starting of motor and electrical damage. Phase 7: use if not turn after feeding, feeding and normal rotation, check whether the drive belt loose or belt wear, such as belt must be tighten loose reduction under the frame of four screws, has to be replaced a new belt wear.
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