Alien sanding machine abnormal channel judge and deal with the question

by:Gewinn     2020-06-22
Alien sanding machine abnormal channels to judge and deal with the question: ( 1) Abnormal question concluded that alien sanding machine channels. 1) check the conveyor belt have abnormal, and eliminate hidden dangers. (2) check the wear of abrasive belt status is the same, if the sample of indeterminacy of dispute to pay more attention to the method in the future. How much should be evenly on the material not only on one side or the disambiguation of dispute. (3) the driving wheel and driven wheel abrasive belt remove the investigation if there are any abnormal. Keep an eye on graphite sand cloth if there are any abnormal after grain and scratches, significant uneven. (4) with a caliper measuring plate thickness have abnormal disambiguation of dispute. ( 2) If the above four works, the need to adjust the sanding channels parallel screw, as stop until the sanding sheet thickness.
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