Alien sanding machine abnormal texture?

by:Gewinn     2020-06-18
Alien sanding machine abnormal texture? As a commonly used woodworking machinery, sanding machine application in the wood processing but quite frequently. The use of high frequency strength makes serious wear and tear of the sanding machine, cabinet door sanding machine, so we need to keep an eye on its maintenance and maintenance. And, of course, we must also learn some common treatment method of the sanding machine fault, the operation of the sanding machine, in order to solve the fault as soon as possible, reduce the fault impact on production to low. The abnormal texture sanding machine is one of the often sanding machine fault. When encounter this kind of situation, sanding machine suppliers, and how should we deal with and resolve? 1, 1) boot check abrasive belt is normal, if normal, sanding machine downtime check the wear state of abrasive belt, hand touch abrasive belt, feel if there were any attachments, attachments to surface, with a brush to dust with compressed air blowing. Check to see if the sand on the plate paint arrived to degree of dry sanding, sanding machine, and drying process. 2, check the plank appear coarse texture and orderly, and view the abrasive belt model, carpentry sanding machine, and the speed is normal. Check the wear of abrasive belt sanding machine downtime, and sand with attachments, sanding machine brand, and processing.
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