Alien sanding machine abnormal texture should be how to solve

by:Gewinn     2020-06-18
In everyday use abnormity sanding machine, we often encounter some problems. Have a problem, we will be angry, don't know where to start. So, today, small make up will give you advice, help you to solve the actual problem, hopes to be helpful for your work. Today, small make up for you: how to solve the problem of abnormal texture of special-shaped sanding machine: 1, began to swing check belt is normal. If normal, please stop and check the belt wear condition. Touch the belt, the feeling is there any attachment. Use the brush to remove surface and use compressed air to blow off the dust. Whether the coating on the sand plate to achieve the required grinding dry degree and dry. 2, check the paper texture is very coarse, orderly, and check the belt type, speed is normal. Stop check the abnormity of the sanding machine wear state of abrasive belt, and belt if there are any accessories and processing. Abnormity sanding machine principle: when grinding machine of machine according to the normal procedure to start and run properly, the first from the right side of the machine, through the limit of slab plate device and conveyor roller to the upper part, coarse sand roller. High-speed rotating belt grinding on the slab surface, at the same time, in order to achieve a constant thickness grinding. Finally, from the clean roll to remove residual dust on the surface and she sent them out of the machine. Each sanding roll and cleaning and roll has a strong dust collection device. Grinding dust was vacuuming mouth suck, polished slab for surface smoothness, flatness, thickness, satisfies the requirement of the finished product. Double sided broadband thick sanding machine is on the basis of double broadband sander production design and manufacturing of high efficiency, strong broadband sander. This machine is mainly used for man-made board thicknessing grinding. , coarse grinding and fine grinding, the fine sand. Such as particle board, medium density fiberboard (MDF), gypsum particleboard or other man-made board surface grinding, the surface roughness and precision meet certain requirements profile sanding machine: the common failures during the running of the machine, usually appear some fault, but should be promptly eliminate, but if not handled properly, may affect production and increase the cost. This requires the operator familiar with operational procedures, skilled operation, eliminate in a timely manner. Some fault in the discovery of do not serious, but if not handled properly, can cause major fault and the serious influence production. The following is a common fault analysis for sanding machine. 1. Abrasive belt deviation, generally due to improper adjustment, normal belt swing should be 15 20 mm swing, oscillation frequency for 15 20 times/min, swing speed moderate, swing speed. If it is in the abnormal state of time can be long, and may be deviation. In particular, the swing speed, are more likely to lead to abnormal downtime. Damage of photoelectric switch. , the electromagnetic valve damage. And damage of swinging cylinder. High concentrations of dust collection and dust will affect the normal work of the photocell, can also cause the belt off; Should be timely replacement of damaged parts, in order to improve dust removal effect. 2. Limit failure into sand light machine, belt on both sides, there is a limit switch. When the belt swing, when it move to the side, it contact limit switch, the belt loose, main motor automatically stop, which can effectively protect the sand. Belt. Once the limit is broken, the belt will suffer, friction framework will produce Mars, even cause fire. Therefore, the limit switch should always check whether the action is reliable.
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