Alien sanding machine has always been the focus of the sanding machine industry

by:Gewinn     2020-06-21
Abnormity sanding machine can fine polishing the plate surface with grinding, rough surface of the board of special-shaped sanding machine can make the flatness improvement. Enhancing beautiful degree, improve the plate's using life. By far the most commonly used polishing process is plastic plastic adjustment and surface grinding and polishing. Alien sanding machine depend on the rod of high speed rolling brush and grinding grains on the surface of the plate. Special-shaped sanding machine control system is an important part of polishing machine, directly affect the work efficiency of polishing machine and the quality of finished products and thus shaped sand GuangJiChang at production abnormity sanding machine, harsh on control system of the detection and measurement, to ensure that the equipment can normal and efficient work done. In addition, the control system requirements polishing wheel and workpiece contact line speed is constant, because the polishing polishing wheel wear, in the process of polishing wheel size may be smaller, leading to the linear speed of polishing wheel and work contact smaller, therefore, needs to change the speed of the polishing wheel motor. When polishing components demand by the polishing force is greater than the polishing force set, polishing wheel agile backward, so that the polishing force balance both ends. Should be detailed inspection before using the grinding wheel profile sanding machine of fasteners, whether there is loose phenomenon, if have the loose needs to fix and tighten, otherwise it may hurt the personal safety of workers. Followed by the operator needs pay attention to the grinding wheel crack, detection by using a stick to beat, according to the tone to identify its exceptionally or not, the last light work in about 30 minutes after operation. Finally, should pay attention to special sanding machine is a machine that can work in high speed, needs to pay attention to safety. In use process should pay attention to the ground of rugged, and should be avoided in the process of using wire rolling, wear and so on, also used to often clean the machine, especially the wax dust inside the chassis, avoid precipitation.
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