Alien sanding machine maintenance in winter

by:Gewinn     2020-06-18
The cold winter is coming, people began to increase the clothes, to prepare for the cold winter. When are you going to wait for the winter, your equipment ready? Then, this paper introduces all kinds of ambry door plank after processing equipment into the winter maintenance. Alien sanding machine: this machine is mainly lubrication system maintenance and solve a series of abnormal noise caused by temperature decrease. 1 lubrication system: the weather is cold in winter, the temperature is low, high oil viscosity change, so the equipment slide rail lubricating oil should choose low viscosity lubricating oil, which is a good lubricating oil low temperature fluidity, and low viscosity lubricating oil is not easy to stick dust, prolong the service life of the slider. If choose the consistency of lubricating oil, while sliding block and guide can get lubrication, but higher viscosity in the guide rail surface easily form a sticky layer of oil film, instead more easily from dust or sawdust, these small dust in the process of the travel of the slider are vulnerable to the effect of external force to & other; Wear & other; Through sliding block dust pad to enter into the slider, caused the slider chocked up with ball, easy to cause the slider abnormal wear long period of time. Due to the lubricating oil viscosity is high, easy to plug the lubrication piping, paralysis of the lubrication system. Therefore, we suggest that using low viscosity oil such as sewing machine oil as lubricating oil. 2 twill roller drum sound, first of all, we know the first diagonal roller drum material. Twill roller is made of nylon, when new diagonal roller assembly, a new diagonal is a little burr on the roll. With the use of equipment, the original burr after wear, drum is running, which may lead to loose fastening original drum. Make incited, making a noise. In addition, under the influence of climate, in low temperature environment, twill roller & other possible size; Shrinkage & throughout; Phenomena ( The thermal expansion and cold contraction) , which can lead to diagonal roller rotation and abnormal noise. If your device twill roller have noise, don't be nervous, just knock again twill fastening nut on the roll shaft. ( 3) Twill roller of bearing abnormal noise, lifting of bearing abnormal noise will not affect the normal grinding effect. This kind of bearing abnormal noise is due to the bearing after cooling is not adding grease and curing caused by grease on a regular basis. Under normal circumstances, the equipment normal work after a period of time, voice can reduce or eliminate. In order to solve this problem, to add grease bearing oil hole on a regular basis.
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