Alien sanding machine market prices

by:Gewinn     2020-06-19
Alien sanding machine is a professional special machine for grinding plate, completely replace the traditional manual grinding and half mechanical processing, get rid of the traditional manufacturing dependence on artificial, truly intelligent production. Province labor, material, time! Equipment with thickness adjustment function, can realize rapid positioning plate thickness, can accurate production, and greatly improve production efficiency. Simple alien sanding machine market prices, mainly is suitable for the wooden furniture industry, such as plastic, rubber plate, artificial marble plank, framework of thick and fine sanding, and sanding lacquer surface. The machine technical indicators advanced, high precision, rational layout, novel structure, convenient operation, with the international advanced level. Sanding machine, grinding, sanding machine, sanding machine, paint primer sanding machine supply. Flat sanding machine, large sanding machine, heavy sanding machine woodworking sander more details welcome to inquire! Broadband sander introduced: it is mainly used for the solid board, plywood, particleboard and medium density fiberboard (MDF) plate for strong thick sanding. Some customers worry with grinding sanding machine to processing wood plastic board will dip bad wood plastic board, this fear is understandable, but don't have to, because wood plastic board composition is resin, plastic and other ingredients. In addition, wood plastic plate sanding can choose according to the hardness of board of two groups of coarse grinding contact roller sand frame combination. Use round conveyor, reduce manual handling time, time, scale and polishing, is your ideal production and processing products.
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