Alien sanding machine out of order, how to do?

by:Gewinn     2020-06-18
If aliens after sanding machine to replace abrasive belt sand cutting board size change, sanding machine cantilever in lock piece of loose or lock, vertical vibration sanding machine, volatile, vertical dynamic sanding machine, normal should be 0. 5 mm or less. If too big, when the locking block lock cantilever of sanding machine accessories, lock the size of the force difference will make cantilever repeat precision difference, cause sand plate size, directly affect the sanding machine sand cutting precision. When happen cantilever error is too big, More than 0. 5毫米) Should twist lock block is fixed bolt appropriate adjustments, in replacement of abrasive belt at the same time, fasten the block strength should be consistent. Alien sanding machine: under normal circumstances the main bearing vibration is very small, the experienced operator can determine whether the normal one, different sanding machine, generally no conditions at the scene measured with instrument, to judge, but can use and other housing contrast can be judged from the sand plate surface quality. When bearing vibration anomalies, can think that there are two reasons, sanding machine quotation, one is the bearing damaged, as long as the replacement of bearings, the second is contact roller wear, garden, sanding machine suppliers, destroying original dynamic balance, cause abnormal vibration, this must remove the sand roller for repair. 1, abrasive belt, abrasive belt breaking is mainly due to the abrasive belt running deviation, or abrasive belt grinding blunt no change in time, or sand cutting load is too large, or in the process of sand cut in hard objects, sanding machine, Tibet or abrasive belt itself quality problem caused. Should try to avoid abrasive belt rupture, broadband sander, otherwise may cause fire. When an exception occurs, the current should have observation of abrasive belt grinding blunt, sanding machine type, if it is, it should be replaced in a timely manner.
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