Alien sanding machine performance

by:Gewinn     2020-06-18
Alien sanding machine performance description: 1. Suitable for all kinds of flat plain sand light; 2. Touch screen digital display device can automatically find fault source, easy to adjust and set; 3. Conveyor belt adopt pneumatic floating support form, can accurately control sanding, the workpiece with strong processing capacity, with appropriate bending, uneven thickness difference; 4. Conveyor belt use import seamless band, make strong material conveying. Don't skid, assure sand light; 5. Sanding roll adopts eccentric structure, can eliminate the influence of thickness and accurately set the sand and the amount of nitrate; 6. Stable performance, the sensor can detect the walking track of abrasive belt, improvement of stable walking control device can with grinding abrasive belt will not cause too much damage; 7. Due to adopt cylinder form, abrasive belt can be easily replaced, and can be adjusted freely; 8. Set up automatic braking device, grinding paper. , power, low air pressure, power failure, can be in a few seconds after power outage immediately start the sandpaper, a few seconds to immediately stop sand paper, sand up. Can cause damage to the workpiece; 9. Reliable security: sanding material feed part and machining part is equipped with safety cover; 10. In order to prevent the accident caused by material rebound, set up the check. The processing of the product customization, brand as the source, type is 1300 #, coating speed is 6 - 30 m/min, the effective work width of 1. 3 ( m) 。 The applicable scope is suitable for all kinds of flat thick sand. Light, specifications for H2200 W2100 L2700 * * and sanding machine for flat polished.
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