Alien sanding machine remove sand marks

by:Gewinn     2020-06-21
Alien sanding machine is a kind of usual work intensity big machine, so under the high strength work, sanding machine is hard to avoid can present some damage, so after the damage we do? Presents the sand in the process of sanding marks should adopt the following ways to solve: 1, use before starting the feeler adjust the way of sanding cut; 2, check the abrasive belt, may cause damage of the workpiece sand mark area. Replace new abrasive belt. An abrasive belt use for 2 hours, should be timely replacement after 3, machine or replace abrasive belt and sand mark, need to adjust the repeated sanding; 4, such as using coarse sand belt or explosive belt, suspended dust recycling around four hours; 5, in addition to the sand machine to ensure the normal use, in addition to the sand at the bottom of the machine does not have dust, can't disorderly adjustment desanding machine into the wind gate, internal pressure changes in addition to the sand machine, and then drop desanding role; 6, adjust the pressure grinding apparatus, shall not force fierce pressure, it is necessary to light tones, avoid to take 180 sand sand force is big, easy off grain, present sand marks; 7, each abrasive belt in front of the boot, and sand plate prone to timely gas blow the dust in the sand with opposite of clean. Avoid dust deposition, reverse pressure in the abrasive belt, abrasive belt formed part of the amount of sand cut to add, quick wear of abrasive belt, adjust the swing of the abrasive belt equipment, abrasive belt can't swing fast, nor slow, uniform is appropriate, frequency control in the back and forth for 20 ~ 30 times per minute.
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