Alien sanding machine should be how to debug the parts

by:Gewinn     2020-06-18
Alien sanding machine after a long time of the machine adjustment, if you don't adjust performance will decline, which parts that should adjust? 1. Alien sanding machine conveyor belt of finishing with the replacement of sand cushion, workbench level adjustment. 2. Alien sanding machine belt swing check under the control of the photoelectric switch, adjust their position can change the motion of the abrasive belt benchmark. 3. Sand cushion adjustment rise sand cushion, remove the sand belt, the place spirit level on the conveyor belt, to raise the workbench, until it is fixed the thickness of the roller in contact with the spirit level. 4. Thicknessing roller grinding on the conveyor belt to place 70 # sandpaper template action. Under fixed thickness of roll, the width of the template is more than 200 mm, and launched a fixed thickness of roller machine. To raise the workbench, sandpaper gently contact roller. 5. Higher roller to adjust the workbench, make thick roll gently touch the conveyor belt, then according to the thickness of the readings to adjust the workbench. 6. According to zero before leaving the factory, has adjusted the zero. Adjust the table flatness, abrasive belt, the fixed after the thickness of the drum, the thickness of the figure must show and return to zero.
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