Alien sanding machine - — The shortcoming of the sanding effect and adjustment method

by:Gewinn     2020-06-18
Alien sanding machine & ndash; — Sanding effect of defects and adjustment method 1, surface roughness, uneven distribution of surface finish, some has grinding to,. A, grinding amount is too small & ndash; — Through appropriate increase quantity to increase polishing. B, severe grinding wheel wear & ndash; — Grinding or replace emery wheel 2, workpiece surface is uniform and texture. Part a, sand damage & ndash; — Please replace the belt. B, severe belt of dust adhesion & ndash; — Remove dust or replace the belt. 3, artifacts have linear dent in a foreign body, dust serious adhesion on the pressure roll material & ndash; — Can remove the dust in the foreign body, roller bearing damage b stuck & ndash; — Replace the bearing. 4, work, and even have a horizontal line a, poor quality of joint & ndash; — Please use the head strap. B, sanding roll hardness uneven or different. — — Replace the sanding roll or grinding sanding roll.
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