Alien when polishing machine polishing techniques

by:Gewinn     2020-06-21
The use of different polishing machine skill how to grasp? In the use of polishing machine polishing on objects, need to use some skills to grasp the polishing equipment, so as to better play the efficacy of equipment, improve equipment efficiency to a great extent. Look at the below details: 1) The most advanced frequency automatic tracking technology, research and development of the leather processing, automatic ultrasonic die polishing machine, leather processing, automatic ultrasonic edm mold polishing machine. 2) Tungsten steel usually reinforcement layer, which is used to reduce the friction resistance, improve the mechanical precision, improve the cutting performance and prolong service life. 3) Mold polishing machine used to parts and fixture fixed in the position of provisions, on grinding abrasive extrusion. Extrusion honing machine has two relative abrasive cylinder, clamping parts or jig when closed. 4) Abrasive abrasive from a tank into another tank, parts are constraints, the part of the grinding effect, through advance stroke position and adjusted in the number of honing, grinding and polishing of parts, garden Angle. Extrusion honing machine has some advantages such as simple operation, convenient adjustment, function more. Hercynian her new machinery co. , LTD is one of the large domestic woodworking machinery series products manufacturing enterprises. The main products are sanding machine, primer sanding machine, double-sided sanding machine, heavy sanding machine, polishing machine, automatic polishing machine, primer wood sanding machine, semi-automatic wood sanding machine, plate cutting saw, push Taiwan saw, carving machine, etc. Company is the collection development, design, manufacturing, sales and service into a professional comprehensive enterprise. With advanced production equipment and research and development, management personnel, professional technical personnel, management mode of forming features and the standardized production process.
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