All-electric CNC punch press machinery exhibition in shenzhen

by:Gewinn     2020-03-25
In shenzhen, just the end of the 14th international machinery manufacturing industry exhibition, shenzhen a company research and development of the whole electric CNC turret punch press technology, manufacturing attention & ndash; — “ Ai really & throughout; Become the shenzhen local companies, the first ever production CNC punching machine broke the shenzhen there was no history of nc punching machine production capacity. Located in the shenzhen hai of the shenzhen company for many years focused on research and development, production CNC punching machine and numerical control transformation of mechanical industry. Research and development of the company at the end of last year the first stage of five-axis linkage CNC turret punch press, reached the domestic advanced level. Ai company is truly nationwide, CNC punch design is one of the most comprehensive manufacturer, provide numerous machinery industry customers comprehensive numerical control punch one-stop solution. Company relevant controller introduces, at present, the company's all-electric CNC punch press technology, high-speed steady, adaptation of wide, the precision and stability are the domestic leading level.
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