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by:Gewinn     2020-04-25
To establish long-term partnership with carpentry is all manufacturers, we provide all round about price quotation, etc. All of the planer is a kind of woodworking machine tool products. Mainly used for processing wood square, board, decorative wood line, such as floor of wooden products, dressed from top to bottom and side of wood. Good all round are compact structure, the work surface plating hard, durable. And the main shaft special processing, precision is higher. Feeding system, it is best to adopt stepless speed regulation, feed roller and bind with universal joint transmission between retarding mechanism, to smooth transmission, feeding can be strong. General purchasing all can go to the major domestic woodworking machinery website to purchase, such as king, Chinese and foreign woodworking machinery network platform. All habits according to industry is divided into four axis plane, five axis all around all around, all six axis & hellip; … Multiaxial all round, more can reach more than 10 axis. All generally suitable for large and medium-sized furniture factory is, on the one hand, the purchase cost is higher, on the other hand tuning tool trouble, so is suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises for mass production or fixed production process work station. Small businesses often use double-sided planer processing two primary side, with a vertical plane or other two sides planer processing, to save cost and shorten the tooling time. All production ability is stronger, such as the medium of the six axes which plane one hour can be processed more than two parties material, its efficiency is recognised in the industry. Before operation, the operator must be familiar with the performance of the machine, use and operation considerations, green it is forbidden to separate computer operation. Second, the operators must wear appropriate clothes during operation, are not allowed to wear gloves, not allowed to have long hair, the operator shall not be close to work the machine. Third, should first check before starting the security guard is reliable positioning, check whether there is any tool or foreign body placed on each part. Four, warming up 10 minutes before the machine, to start cutting dust collection system, in order to prevent the wood block. Fifth, do not reached into the machine while feeding push in the wood, when objects into the machine should immediately leave after her hands. Six, in wood stuck tool, you must stop, after the adjustment. Seven, when using the tool maintenance, do not use deformation or cracks cutting tools; Wear gloves when installing and remove the cutting tool; Must be noticed when installation tool knife axis direction of rotation of the knife shaft sleeve ring must be closely combined with no gap, and rotate the nut; When using activity cutter holder needs to determine whether the blade clamping screw tightening, avoid the blade fly out in the process of cutting; The tool speed highest do not exceed speed during operation. Eight, after the repair or maintenance, please put all of the safety device or shield cover back, can start the machine. Nine, the operator for things to leave jobs must be turned off, put an end to mix in the operation. Ten, when the machine abnormal, should immediately stop the professional repair, maintenance to ensure the supply disconnected. 11, before coming off work, have to clean the machine around the sawdust, stockpile of sawdust, is not allowed on the motor and the daily maintenance of the equipment. Twelve, this machine for someone special machinery, the operators are strictly forbidden to boot operation, determined the operator consequences. All the correct maintenance of 1, the operator work shift, must put the equipment machine clean clean, easy to rust parts need to add 30 # engine oil rust; 2, the machine in 3 months period, feeding speed should be kept in 6 - per minute 18 meters of medium speed; 3, use after 3 months, feeding speed reducer gear oil should be put off, to join the new 100 # gear oil, the oil mirror middle shall prevail; 4, dragging plate, motor lubricating oil system, oil twice a day, manually add 30 # engine oil pump; 5, check a weekly feeding speed reducer gear oil, enough oil to mirror the middle shall prevail.
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