allen closes for next phase of tunneling on eglinton crosstown

by:Gewinn     2019-09-08
They have been hiding underground for nearly two years.
But the public will see two huge tunnels this weekend-Dennis and Leia.
The boring machine dug the road for $4. 9-
A long-range float in Detroit. Allen Rd.
It will be closed from Friday night to Monday so that mammoth elephant drill worm can be lifted from the ground on the west side of the Eglinton west Metro station and planted under the road to the east.
Metrolinx, the provincial agency in charge of building Crosstown, is providing open-air stands for construction enthusiasts who want to watch the operation.
But they need to wait patiently.
The main action takes place in the early morning and the machine moves between 2a. m. and 5 a. m.
Saturday and Sunday.
Metrolinx staff will provide answers to coffee, hot chocolate and public questions between 10 on Saturday. m. and 1 p. m.
Between three pence. m. and 6 p. m.
Initially, the large machine will be disassembled before being lifted to the east side of Allen.
But the building experts figured out how to keep them intact, lift them to the conveyor belt and slide over the launch well on the other side of the Metro station.
Ontario Transport Minister Steven Del Duca will announce the procedure for the end of the first tunnel lane in Eglington on Wednesday afternoon.
Huge machines began moving east again in the middle. June.
A machine starts a few weeks ahead of its twins.
They will reach Yongji Street.
Around the end of April 2016.
Another tunnel machine called Don and Humber will start driving west from near Laird Avenue later this summer.
They are expected to arrive at Yongji Street.
At the end of next year.
The city is using road closures to carry out maintenance of Allen, including some paving, bridge inspection and maintenance.
The stop between Sheppard and Eglingtonstarts at 11 p. m.
Continue until 5 on Friday. m. Monday.
Alan from Lawrence to Eglington closes around 9 in the evening. m. on Friday.
Eglinton will also be closed for drivers in both directions from Marlee to Bathurst.
Some local access will be allowed.
In Allen, there will be signs that will direct pedestrians to the south side of Eglington.
The city advised motorists to use Dafen and Bathurst.
Travel to the northsouth.
It was not until 2020 that crosstown was scheduled to complete.
The fast transit line of about 10 kilometers will extend from Dr. Blake Creek to the ground. to Laird.
The light rail will be on the way from Laird to Kennedy station.
Don Valley Park Road will be closed for spring maintenance on the next weekend of April 24-26 and the Gardner highway on May 1-3.
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