American Heck develops 5-axis control MC that improves operational performance

by:Gewinn     2022-04-24
HurcoCompanies of the United States has developed a 5-axis controlled vertical machining center (MC) 'VCX600i' with excellent operability. held) published. The machining center improves operator access to the machine body while making programming easier. The VCX600i adopts a structure in which the spindle on which the tool is installed moves along the X (horizontal), Y (longitudinal), and Z (vertical) axes, while the table rotates (tilts) along the A-axis and rotates along the C-axis. The worktable adopts a trunnion table that is close to the cantilever type. The drive unit that rotates the trunnion table around the A-axis is located on the rear side of the fuselage, while the front side has a simple design with only supports. This configuration allows machining personnel to more easily access the machined parts of the machine body compared to 'dual support' type machining centers that use drives at both ends of the trunnion table. The machining center is also equipped with an NC unit 'MAX5' (Fig. 2) that improves ease of use. The display adopts a touch LCD screen with larger screen size and higher brightness than the original, which improves the visibility. In addition, the graphics function has been expanded. By these means, function buttons that can be displayed on the screen are added, allowing operators to quickly select functions. In addition, the NC device also adopts the interactive programming function. For example, after selecting 'DrillingIf you choose a drill from it, you will be asked about the position of the hole, the position of the bottom of the hole (the length of the hole), and the rotational speed of the tool, etc., and enter the numbers in turn. Since it is programmed by asking questions, it can be easily operated even by less experienced operators. This machining center is planned to be launched in 2015.
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