American Hypertherm max1650 plasma power supply is favored by customers

by:Gewinn     2022-04-25
The cutting method used by the CNC cutting machine to cut the sheet is plasma CNC cutting, so he must add a plasma power supply. Because the material or thickness cut by the customer is different, the required plasma power is different, and the model and price are also different. We usually summarize it into two kinds of power supply, one is domestic power supply, which is represented by Changzhou Panyang, Shenzhen Ruiling, Sichuan Huayuan, Changzhou Haiteriche and so on. The other is foreign power supplies, most of which come from the United States and Germany, and are represented by well-known brands such as American Feimat, American Hypertherm, American Kaibo, and German Keerbe. Of course, the cutting accuracy of imported products is much higher than that of domestic ones, but the price is also much more expensive. If the cutting general plate is stainless steel or non-ferrous metal, the cutting is rough, and the domestic plasma power supply can be used. If cutting wants to achieve higher cutting effect and precision, Wuhan Linghang CNC usually recommends customers to use imported plasma power supply. The imported plasma power supply for cutting about 10mm can be purchased from the United States Feimat A80 or the United States Hypertherm max1250. The imported plasma power supply for cutting about 16mm can choose the United States Feimat A120 or the United States Haibao max1650. The imported plasma power supply for cutting about 20mm can be purchased American Hypertherm max200. Of course, the plates cut by customers are mainly concentrated in about 16mm. So here I focus to introduce to you about the US Hypertherm max1650 plasma power supply. The US Hypertherm max1650 plasma power supply is small and lightweight, which enhances the portability of the system. For hard-to-reach applications, the 75-degree tapered torch provides better arc visibility and operational flexibility. Boost Conditioner™ compensates for fluctuations in input voltage to improve the performance of low voltage lines, motor generators and input power (fluctuations). Auto-voltage™ automatic voltage regulation capability, can automatically adapt to various input power supplies of 120V-230V and single-phase. Plug adapters are suitable for use in factories, indoors and outdoors. Optimized electrode design maximizes consumable life and reduces operating costs. Switching between light or heavy scribing/scoring is possible without changing consumables. Torch design allows for quick and easy replacement of consumables. The touch-start torch feature eliminates RF noise interference issues. Pneumatic switch sensors ensure operator safety. Maximum cutting speed is based on Hypertherm's laboratory tests. In order to achieve the best cutting effect, the actual cutting speed may vary according to different cutting applications. For more details, please refer to the introduction of the U.S. Hypertherm plasma power supply section on the Wuhan Linghang CNC Technology Co., Ltd. website.
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