American Manufacturing Technology and American Welding Exhibition ended successfully

by:Gewinn     2022-04-27
Recently, the American manufacturing technology exhibition Fabtech was successfully held in Chicago, USA. Beijing Essen Welding and Cutting Exhibition, as a partner of Fabtech for nearly 20 years, also appeared at the exhibition site. The American Manufacturing Technology Exhibition is a period of economic crisis. The American Welding Society (AWS), the American Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) and the American Manufacturers Association (FMA) and other five organizations have joined together to integrate the exhibitions organized by various industry organizations. To form a large machinery industry exhibition, the exhibits include: welding, manufacturing, pipe processing, surface processing, metal forming and parts and so on. This year's exhibition has a total of 1,573 exhibitors from 27 countries and regions, an increase of 25.5% over the previous one, with a total exhibition area of u200bu200b58,500 square meters. Among them, 43 Chinese enterprises participated in the exhibition, with an exhibition area of u200bu200bmore than 470 square meters. From the statistical point of view, and from the reflection of the American Welding Society, we can feel the recovery of American industry this year. This has brought some positive influences for Chinese enterprises to explore the international market. According to incomplete statistics, Chinese exhibitors received 723 customers, the on-site turnover was US$100,000, and the expected turnover was US$7.6 million, which was slightly lower than the statistics of the 2012 exhibition.
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