American Midaco Trays and Trunnion increase vmc's horizontal capabilities

by:Gewinn     2022-04-28
Midaco says the addition of a Trunnion-equipped pallet system to vertical machining centers (VMCs) allows the shop to machine multiple parts while cutting chips and load material off the machine, maximizing VMCs and turntables s efficiency. Midaco's Trunnion-equipped pallet system incorporates a four-axis actuator assembly and two trunnions in standard work surface sizes ranging from 8' x 20' to 11' x 40'. Midaco says the system will work with any four-axis rotary indexer, which they stress is not included at the time of purchase. To play their role, users mount trunnions outside the vertical machining center, on each pallet of the pallet changer, and these trunnions can rotate 360 u200bu200bdegrees for partial loading. Once transferred to the machining area, the trunnion clamps the Midaco receiver and automatically engages the fourth axis. Their Trunnion-equipped pallet system is a cost-effective solution to increase the capabilities of vertical machining centers by machining three sides without the need for cable management. To further increase the versatility of machining, the company proposed adding a vertical swivel panel, also mounted on a pallet, for multiple workpiece clamping.
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